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Light & Motion Stella Pro 8000 RF Action Kit

Light & Motion Stella Pro 8000 RF Action Kit

Light & Motion Stella Pro 8000 RF Action Kit


The most powerful Stella Pro RF model with an integrated Li-Ion battery, this remarkable light outputs 8000 Lumens of light whenever and wherever you need it. Great for working with large light modifiers or diffusion panels, the Stella Pro 8000 RF delivers lighting that renders colors beautifully, sets up fast and travels anywhere. Unlike panel style LED fixtures, the Stella Pro 5000 RF’s output can easily be shaped and modified making it both a “hard” and “soft” light source. Plus it’s  compact design and integrated Li-Ion battery allow multiple Stella Pro RFs to be packed in carry-on sized bags eliminating worry and checked bag fees. With no cords to plug in or ballast warm up periods, Stella Pro spLEDs are ready at a moment’s notice and due to the lightweight design do not require heavy stands or counterweights. Featuring an extremely rugged weatherproof construction, these powerful lights can operate in any location regardless of conditions or power availability. RF wireless control further enhances the capability of the Stella Pro 8000 and gives users the ability to control the power settings of one or multiple lights from a range up to 200 meters outdoors and 60 meters indoors.


Stella Pro Action Kits were designed as a great jumping on point for anyone looking to carry less and create more. The include everything you need to get started modifying and controlling Stella’s output plus an exclusive carry case from Tenba.


Action Kit Includes: (1x) Stella Pro 8000 RF 5600K spLED, (1x) 50 Degree Focus Optic, (1x) 25 Degree Focus Optic, (1x) Glo Bulb Diffuser, (1x) Press On 3" Speed Ring/Gel Holder with Gel Frame, (1x) Press On Barn Doors, (1x) High Leverage Handle, (1x) YS Mount Pro, (1x) C-Stand Mount, (1x) 1/4-20 Adapter, (1x) 24V External Power Supply, (1x) 6 ft extension cord, (1x) Tenba BYOB 13/Packlite, (1x) EL - Remote Control for Stella Pro

Stella Pro 8000 RF Features:

-  Integrated Li-ion battery: Integrated Li-ion battery: The Stella Pro 8000 RF can run completely cord free and because the battery is integrated into the device - Stella is permissible in both checked and carry-on luggage.
-  Multiple Power Options: For longer shoots simply plug Stella into any AC or DC power source including DTap Gold-mount/V-Lock battery (DTap cable optional).
-  120-degree Beam Angle: Stella’s light can be easily adjusted via a broad range of modifiers and light shaping tools including Profoto, Elinchrom, DOP Choice, and Chimera adaptability*.
-  High Output COB "Chip on Board" LED: Eliminates the multi-shadow effect that can be a problem with panel-style light sources while also keeping Stella’s footprint small.
-  Experience true cordless freedom and control an infinite number of Stella RFs from a small remote (EL Remote Control) with a range up to 200 meters outdoors and 60 meters indoors with built in Elinchrom wireless communication receiver.

Stella Pro 8000 RF Specs:

• Certified TLCI 93+, CRI 92+, CCT 5600 Kelvin
• Output up to 8000 Lumens with 14,210 Lux at 1 Meter with Fresnel lens
• Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 50 minutes – 4 hours of cord-free operation
• Tested to 7000 fps flicker free
• Regulated lumen output - does not fade during use
• Dimming with stepped or continuous smooth control
• Controlled focus from 120° to 50° & 25° spot via press-on modifiers
• OLED Digital Display for precise readout of RF settings, output, battery and charge status
• Integrated variable speed fan with low decibel levels automatically turns on when light output exceeds 5000 lumens
• Runs off wall power or DTAP (11 - 25V) - When plugged into an external power source max light output will be 6300 lumens to protect battery
• Fast Charge of 2 hours, 80% charged in 1.5 hrs - may vary depending on battery temperature
• Built in Elinchrom wireless communication receiver supports up to 20 frequency channels and 4 light groups with a range up to 200 meters outdoors and 60 meters indoors

*Compatible Accessories:
Chimera SuperProPlusXXS and Chimera 3” Speedring (w/ Speedring/Gel Holder),  Profoto OCF Softbox 2' OCTA & Profoto OCF Speedring (w/Profoto Adapter ), Elinchrom Lightshapers require Rotalux to Profoto Speedring (w/Profoto Adapter), DOPChoice Snapbag Flex Softbox.