The Stella lights have replaced my HMI lights –It is amazing that a light so small can kick out so much quality light. 

  • Portable

    Significantly lighten your gear load by carrying multiple lights at a fraction of the weight of conventional lights and travel without paying extra fees for oversized cases.

  • Powerful

    Bright as an HMI at 10,000 Lumens and up to 20,000 LUX at 1 meter, Stella will help you deliver the content you need faster, more efficiently, and with greater ease than similarly powered lights 3 times its size and weight.

  • Versatile

    Stella can be shaped or diffused into the perfect light source for any situation, making carrying multiple types of light sources a thing of the past. A wide variety of mounting options furthers Stella’s flexibility

 There are no routine days in news and no two days are alike. I have to have tough equipment that can take below-zero temperatures and are reliable at any hour of the day. Network quality is priceless and Stella is one of my tools
I can't do without. 

  • Weather Resistance

    All Stellas are built to stand up to the harshest conditions. Some models are fully submersible to 100 meters.

  • Rugged Design

    As part of Light & Motion’s strict quality control standards, all Stellas are tested to withstand repeated 1-meter drops onto concrete.

  • Remote Control

    Long range RF remote control eases the workflow allowing adjustments to Stella Pro RF lights while you stay at the camera for greater efficiency.

At the Detroit Auto show we used them to shoot our stand ups for CBS Evening News. The Auto Show was in a union hall and typically a power hook up would have cost us $1000s. Instead we ran off the Stella’s battery power all day,
it was priceless  

  • Get in, get out

    In the ‘run and gun’ realm of news gathering there are no second chances. With no ballast or warm up period to worry about Stellas can be ready to shoot in seconds.

  • Integrated Li-Ion Battery

    With on board Li-Ion batteries that can last for up to 90 minutes at full power and optional D-Tap adapters for longer shoots you will never need to worry about being tethered to a power truck again.

  • Editorial

    Easily balance ambient light and make spots in the background pop for beautiful compressed interview shots.

Light & Motion Stella Pro 10000c spLED Corded Light

The Light & Motion Stella Pro 10000c Single Point LED (spLED) is the most compact, powerful, rugged corded LED light in the industry. The Stella Pro line is a new concept in professional lighting, delivering beautiful cinema quality light in an ultra-portable design. Professional durability and water resistant design allows light to be utilized for on-location shoots.

Light & Motion Stella Pro 5000 spLED Light

The Light & Motion Stella Pro 5000 Single Point LED (spLED) Light is the most compact, powerful, rugged, portable, cord-free LED light in the industry. The completely waterproof design has a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery that runs for 90 minutes on full power. The Chip on Board (COB) Single Point Lighting Array that is comprised of 29 emitters arranged in concentric circles.

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