Carry Less. Create More

Carry Less. Create More

Carry Less. Create More

Stella Lights for Photographers

Beautiful Pure Light

It’s much faster to create when you can see the light in-camera. Stella’s beautiful bright clean beam delivers a stunning cinematic light quality with more control and ease than strobes.

Light shape to your heart’s content

Stella lights are able to be modified with a broad range of accessories plus adaptability for Profoto, Elinchrom Westcott and Chimera.

The Ease of Wireless

Built-in Elinchrom Skyport® Protocol in Stella RF models let you adjust an infinite number of lights from behind the camera. Spend less time running and adjusting and more time creating with the intuitive ease of Stella RF Wireless Control

Gorgeous Lighting in the Palm of Your Hand.

“I use the Stella lights on every single job, including weddings, in-studio portraits and editorial sessions. Being able to quickly see what I'm doing gives me the ability to be creative even while working under extreme time pressure.”

-Dina Douglass, Named One Of The World's Top 10 Wedding Photographers By American Photo Magazine

  • Beautiful Lighting Instantly

    It’s much faster to create when you can see the light in-camera. Dialing in settings for flash can take a lot of time and experimentation. When a bride and groom who would rather be partying with their guests; time is of the essence.

  • Integrated Li-Ion battery

    Every Stella light (except the Stella Pro 10000) features integrated Li-Ion battery which lasts up to 6 hours so you won’t be caught without light during an important moment.

  • Shoot Anywhere

    Stella Pro lights give you the freedom to shoot anywhere, anytime and in any weather condition. With no cords to plug in or ballast warm up periods, you’re ready at a moment’s notice with no heavy stands or counterweights to worry about.

  • Airline Friendly

    Need to fly? Because the battery is integrated into the device, Stella lights can travel in carry-on or checked baggage without excess fees or battery limitations.

Continuous Lighting lets you create images as you see them.

Perfect for Outdoor Photography

"The Stella 2000 is perfect for all outdoor adventures. It is the most durable light I have ever used. It's waterproof, drop-proof and compact. I bring it with me on all my adventures in the harsh and humid jungles of northern Okinawa."

- Shawn Miller, Okinawa Nature Photography

Work Strobe Free

"Stella lights have freed my creative talent to do more - and to do things not possible with strobes. They allows me to stay in the moment with my subject. I get better images with more looks and more spontaneity"

- Juan Arellano, Fashion Photographer

Stella Lights for Film and Video

Be Ready for action when it Happens

“News can occur in any location, at any time, in any weather and I need to be prepared. Quality equipment with minimal set up is essential. The Stella lights make this a reality.”

-JAKE BARLOW, Photojournalist, CBS 2014 Nominated nationally Emmy for Best Shot Story. Emmy Winner 2013 with CBS Sunday Morning.